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In this article we provide complete insights why “PAI ISO” is appears on your card statement. This is a charge fromPayment Alliance International.

Why this “PAI ISO” charge on your Credit card?

This is a charge deducted byPayment Alliance International. This is because of that you used an ATM operated by Payment Alliance International(PAI).

If you didn’t make this type of payment, then it is highly possible that you were trapped on fraud.

Mechanism of Payment Alliance International (PAI ISO).

Payment Alliance International (PAI) helps businesses for payments securely and efficiently. The offers services like credit card processing, and mobile payment solutions.

PAI works by partnering with businesses to understand their payment processing needs and then creating customized solutions that work seamlessly with their existing system. once business decide to work with PAI, they gain access and reliable payment processing platform that can handle different types of payments.


PAI also provides additional services like fraud prevention tools and customer support. They also have one of the largest ATM network in the country with over 85k ATMs nationwide.

Product of Payment Alliance International (PAI).

Some of main product offered by PAI are listed below-

  • Merchant Services:- PAI provides businesses with the ability to process credit and debit card payments, as well as mobile payments and other forms of electronic payments.
  • ATM Services:- PAI operates one of the largest ATM network in the country, with over 85k. This allows businesses to offer their customer convenient access to cash, without the need to invest in expensive ATM equipment.
  • Card Processing:- PAI offers a variety of card processing services, including authorization, settlement, and chargeback management. This card processing services are designed to be flexible and scalable, making them a great option for businesses of all sizes.
  • Payment Solution:- PAI provides businesses with customized solutions that are made to their specific needs.

Contact point ofPayment Alliance International (PAI).

  • you can contact directly visit their website https://www.gopai.com/
  • you may contact PAI by email at info@gopai.com or call 877-271-2627.

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