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In this article we provide complete insights why “FID BKG SVC LLC MONEYLINE” is appears on your card statement. This is a charge fromFidelity Investments brokerage service.

why this “FID BKG SVC LLC MONEYLINE” charge on your Credit card?

This is a charge deducted by Fidelity.com. This is because of that you have purchased any financial investment product through your Credit card on his platform.

If you didn’t make this type of payment, then it is highly possible that you were trapped on fraud.

Mechanism of Fidelity.com

Fidelity.com is a website that help people mange their money. It lets people buy thing like stocks and bonds, and provides tools to help plan for the future.

One special thing about Fidelity.com is that it has financial advisors who can help people make a plan for their money. They can also help manage people’s investments over time.

The website also has tools that help with retirement planning, saving for college, and planning for what happens after someone passes away.


Fidelity.com even has an app that people can use on their phones or tablets to check their investments, make trades, and get updates on the stocks market.

Product of Fidelity.com

Fidelity.com is a website that offers wide range of products and services to help people with their finances. Here are some of that key products by the platform.

  • Stocks– You can buy domestic and international stocks, including blue-chip growth, and value stocks.
  • Bonds- The platform offers different types of bonds, such as U.S Treasury bonds, corporate bonds, and municipal bonds.
  • Mutual Funds– You can buy many mutual funds, including actively managed and index funds from various asset classes.
  • Exchange-Traded Funds(ETFs)– The platform provides access to many ETFs, such as sector- specific, international, and bonds ETFs.
  • Options Trading– Fidelity.com allows you to trade options, including equity, index, and ETF options.
  • Retirement Planning– They provides tools to help you plan for retirement, including calculators, IRA accounts, and 401(K) rollovers.
  • College Savings– The platform offers college savings plan, such as 529 plans and Coverdell Education savings accounts.
  • Estate Planning– They provides resources to help you plan your estate and reduce your tax liabilities.

Contact point of Fidelity.com

  • You can directly go to Fidelity.com contact page. for contact about “FID BKG SVC LLC MONEYLINE” charge.
  • For any customer service questions, call fidelity.com 24/7 at: 800-343-3548

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