“Indian Bank CIF Number : What It Is And Why You Need It”

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Indian Bank CIF Number : All You Need To Know

CIF (Customer Information File) number is a unique identification number that is provided to each customer by Indian Bank. It is an 11- digit number that contains information about the customer’s account and personal information.

CIF number is used to manage and track customer’s account information and transactions.

Why CIF Number Is So Important?

CIF number is very important because it act as a key identifier for banks to access a customer’s account information. It is very helpful for banks to maintain a record of their customers transactions and personal details such as name, address, phone number, email id, etc. Bank can retrieve and update the customer’s information and verify the customer’s identity.

Uses Of Indian Bank CIF Number

CIF number is used by bank for various purposes-

  • Account Management
  • Customer Identification
  • KYC purposes
  • Updating customer information

How To Know CIF Number Of Indian Bank

There are various ways to find the CIF number in Indian bank. Here are some of the common ways:

  1. Passbook:- You can find your CIF number in your Bank Passbook. It is generally printed on the first page of the passbook.
  2. Branch visit:-You can also visit your bank branch and ask CIF number with officer.
  3. Cheque Book:- You can find your CIF number on your cheque book as well. Same with passbook, it is printed on the first page of cheque book.
  4. Online Banking:- You can also find your CIF number through Net banking. It should mentioned on the account details section.
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  6. Mobile Banking:- If you have installed your mobile banking app. You can check CIF number by logging into app and find in account details section.
  7. Customer Care:- You can also call your Bank’s customer care number and ask for CIF number.

How To Find CIF Number Of Indian Bank Online

Indian Bank CIF Number
Indian Bank CIF Number

Steps to Follow-

  1. First type on your search engine CIF Number Of Indian Bank.
  2. Go with first official website https://apps.indianbank.in/emailstatement/ToFetchCIFNo.aspx
  3. Enter your Bank account number.
  4. Fill your registered mobile number.
  5. Enter the Text shown in the Image you seen.
  6. Then Enter Send OTP Button.
  7. Then Enter mobile OTP and click get CIF.
  8. You Will get your CIF through SMS.

FAQs Related To Indian Bank CIF Number

Can I get multiple CIF number from the same bank?

No , a customer cannot get multiple CIF number in the same bank account. Each Customer is assigned with only one CIF number for all the bank account in same bank.

Is it safe to share my CIF number with Others?

NO, This information is very confidential, You should never share your CIF number with anyone. They can used this information and carry out unauthorized transactions.

Can I Transfer Fund Using CIF Number?

NO, you cannot transfer your fund through CIF number Alone.

How TO Check Account Balance Using CIF Number?

You cannot check your balance your with using CIF Number alone.

Can I Block Or Unblock My Indian Bank CIF Number?

No, You cannot block your CIF number. If you suspect that my CIF number has been compromised , you should immediately contact with bank and report the issue.

Can I Used My Indian Bank CIF Number To Open A New Bank Account ?

No, You cannot open a bank account with CIF number. You need to provide separate application with necessary document.

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