Fundamental Analysis of JSW Steel Ltd || JSW Steel Share Price

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Fundamental Analysis of JSW Steel Share Price: JSW Steel Limitedis an Indian multinational company in the production of Steel. It is based in Mumbai and it is a flagship company of the JSW Group. When JSW Steel Limited is merged with ISPAT Steel and Jindal Vijayanagar Steel Limited, they become India’s second Largest private sector steel company.

Fundamental Analysis of JSW Steel Ltd || JSW Steel Share Price

Fundamental Analysis of JSW Steel Share Price

In this article we will discuss about company’s complete Fundamental analysis with financial balance and their future plans also.

Company Overview

JSW Steel Limited is a merged product of Jindal Iron and Steel Company(JISCO) Founded in 1982and Jindal Vijayanagar Steel Limited (JSVL) Founded in 1994. This Merger was happened in 2005. JSW is engaged with the business of sale of iron and steel products. There manufacturing facilities are located at Vijayanagar Works in Karnataka, Dolvi Works in Maharashtra and Salem works in Tamil Nadu.

Salem plant was setup with an annual capacity of 1 million ton per annum.

As of current now JSW steel limited capacity was increased with around of 29 million ton per annum(MTPA).

Currently JSW was operated with Six manufacturing plant in India and One in Taxes, United State of America.

Board Of Directors Of JSW steel Limited in 2023

Mrs. Savitri Devi Jindal

Mrs. Savitri Devi Jindal- Chairperson Emeritus

Mr. Sajjan Jindal

Mr. Sajjan Jindal- Chairman & Managing Director, Non-Independent Executive Director

Mr. Seshagiri Rao M.V.S.

Mr. Seshagiri Rao M.V.S.- Joint Managing Director & Group CFO, Non-Independent Executive Director

Mr. Jayant Acharya

Mr. Jayant Acharya- Dy. Managing Director

Mr. Hiroyuki Ogawa

Mr. Hiroyuki Ogawa- Nominee Director, JFE Steel Corp., Japan

Dr. M.R.Ravi, IAS

Dr. M.R.Ravi, IAS- Nominee Director, KSIIDC

Dr (Mrs) Punita Kumar Sinha

Dr (Mrs) Punita Kumar Sinha- Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. Haigreve Khaitan

Mr. Haigreve Khaitan- Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. Seturaman Mahalingam

Mr. Seturaman Mahalingam- Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. Harsh Charandas Mariwala

Mr. Harsh Charandas Mariwala- Independent Non-Executive Director

Mrs. Nirupama Rao

Mrs. Nirupama Rao- Independent Non-Executive Director

Ms. Fiona Jane Mary Paulus

Ms. Fiona Jane Mary Paulus- Independent Non-Executive Director

Marcel Fasswald

Marcel Fasswald- Independent Non-Executive Director

JSW Steel Share Price Overview

At the end of 31st March 2023, JSW steel share price was closed on NSE is around Rs.688.10 mark. JSW Steel Share Price is only 102 point less than from all time high price(790). Company share price form a hammer pattern on a monthly time frame. This can shows that price may reach its all time high price again very soon. If you invest for short term period stock may provide good result.


If you are long term investor then you can go with this type of stock, which is market leader of their type of industry. If you hesitate then we will show you company Financial reports and then you make your decision.

JSW Steel Share Price
 JSW Steel Share Price

JSW Steel Share Price – Fundamentals &Financials

Fundamentals Overview of JSW Steel Limited Share Price

Key MetricsValue
Mkt CapRs.1,63,174Cr
P/E Ratio (TTM)44.55
P/B Ratio2.42
Industry P/E12.45
Debt to Equity1.25
Dividend Yield2.56%
Book Value258.08
Face Value1

Financials Overview of JSW Steel Limited

YearRevenueNet ProfitNet worthEBITDA
(All values in Cr.)

From above given data, we can seen that Company Net profit is continuous on increasing zone expect in 2020. And that was the year of covid-19 pandemic which affected almost many business of every country. Net profit is the one of the main criteria for we worked. And this helps to grow their business, Hence profit business share their profit with investor in the form of dividend or they invest to grow their business.

Financial Ratio of JSW Steel Limited

YearOperating Profit MarginNet Profit Margin

In above data we compare OPM and NPM ratio , we clearly seen that both of the data was increased in the past five fiscals.

Balance sheet Data of JSW Steel Limited

YearTotal AssetsTotal LiabilitiesTotal Equity
(All values in Cr.)

Shareholding Pattern ofJSW Steel Limited

Foreign Institutions26.04%
Other Domestic Institutions7.58%
Mutual Funds1.73%

From above data, JSW steel limited is one of the favorite stock for Foreign Institutions. They always invested growing business and make profit. As we know that JSW steel limited is the market leader in the steel industries so that why the also attracts mutual funds. Company have good promotors holding also. From this we can invest this company.

Future plans for JSW Steel Limited

There were lots of area where they want to grow their business and some of their futures plans we listed below.

  • JSW Steel is planning to invest around US$ 6.5 billion to increase Vijayanagar’s steel plant capacity by 5 MTPA.
  • There plans to achieve 37.5 MTPA steel capacity by FY2025.
  • They also want to increase their philanthropy works from their committed platforms.

Closing Thoughts

In this article we explain Fundamentals of JSW steel Limited, we discussed their financials, future plans, share holding patterns and Balance sheet data etc. From above analysis data JSW steel limited will be good option for invest your valuable money. This article is only for education purpose.

Hope you like the article, share your view in the form of your comment and share this article.

“Always invest company’s business, Not in Current Market price(CMP).”


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