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In this article we provide complete insights why “PNP BILLPAYMENT” is appears on your card statement.

Why this “PNP BILLPAYMENT” charge on your Credit card?

This is a charge deducted by Plug’ n Pay. This is because of that you used to pay your bills with their online payment system method.

If you didn’t make this type of payment, then it is highly possible that you were trapped on fraud.

Mechanism of Plug’ n Pay

Plug’ n Pay (PNP) helps businesses for payments securely and efficiently. They offers services like credit card processing, and mobile online payment solutions.

Through Plug ‘n Pay, businesses can integrate secure payment processing functionality into their websites or online stores.


The company provides tools and features to facilitate payment acceptance, such as customizable payment pages, shopping cart integration, fraud protection measures, recurring billing options, and support for various payment methods including credit cards, electronic checks, and alternative payment options.

Uses of Plug’ n Pay (PNP)

You can use Plug’ n Pay system for paying things like-

  • Rent
  • Water bills
  • Property taxes
  • Sewage charges
  • Electric bills
  • Pet license payments
  • Building permit fees

Contact point of Plug’ n Pay

  • you can contact directly visit their websitePlug’ n Pay.
  • you may contact your bank or credit card company to recover your money.

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